Today Kulsvierkrogen´s Illipe, Kulsvierkrogen´s Ixia og Kulsvierkrogen´s Illicium (Marwin) experienced their first show. DKK´s Nordic show in Horsens.

The puppies did very well and behaived nocely borh in and outside the showring.

The judge was Swedish Tomas Rohlin and he gave all 3 puppies very nice descriptions.

Babyclass males
Kulsvierkrogen´s Illicium – Very promising and 1. winner
Kulsvierkrogen´s Illipe – Very promising and 2. winner

Babyclass bitches
Kulsvierkrogen´s Ixia – Very promising and 2. winner

Kulsvierkrogen´s Illicium – Marwin
Kulsvierkrogen´s Illipe og Illicium (Marwin) in the showring