Kulsvierkrogen´s Illipe – Annual winner baby male 2022

Really wonderful weekend with the dogs at exhibition at the Danish Boxer Club.
Special club exhibition and annual winner exhibition.
Beautifully organized by Boxergroup Bornholm 🌞

Judges: Birgit Achterholt and Uwe Werner

I had all 3 dogs with me, and Julie showed Kulsvierkrogen’s Ilex.
All our dogs got really nice descriptions and had some good experiences in the rings.

Baby class males:
Kulsvierkrogen’s Illipe
Very Promising 4th winner
Very Promising 1st winner
🏆 Baby Annnual Winner male 2022

Kulsvierkrogen’s Ilex
Very Promising 1st winner
Very Promising 2nd winner

Baby class bitches:
Kulsvierkrogen’s Ixia
Very Promising
Very Promising

Champion class bitches:
Kulsvierkrogen’s Felicia
Excellent 4th winner with CK

Breeding class – Kennel Kulsvierkrogen. Geranium, Felicia, Berberis, Buglossoides

Felicia also participated in the breeding class for/with Kennel Kulsvierkrogen.
Breeding class
Honorary award and Honorary prize 1st winner
Honorary award 2nd winner
Kulsvierkrogen’s Geranium
Kulsvierkrogen’s Felicia
Kulsvierkrogen’s Buglossoides
Kulsvierkrogen’s Berberis